FOR: Companies generating green energy from biomass fuels.

WHO NEED: to decrease the impact of feedstock variability on profitability.

NeuralMax is a combustion optimization system that works in conjunction with the existing plant control system to achieve and sustain maximum performance and productivity.

BY PROVIDING: Combustion optimization across the full range of process and fuel variances, NeuralMax is able to achieve and sustain maximum performance

Unlike the current offerings from distributed control system vendors’ or mechanical modifications. NeuralMax continuously seeks optimum output levels and dynamically adapts control parameters to achieve maximum profitability.

NeuralMax does not require downtime or disruption to current operations to implement.

BINNINGTON ALSO PROVIDES:  Pre installation process analysis and business case studies to determine the viability of the NeuralMax implementation,  procurement, installation, configuration, training, reporting, upgrade implementation, on site and remote support for the full lifecycle of the system.

Control system integration, data acquisition and process design and implementation services are also available.